Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Yay Second Trimester!

It seriously is all it's cracked up to be. The nausea is gone (beside the occasional surprise...) and, even though I still want to take naps all the time, I'm getting my energy back! I even went to the gym yesterday and lounge-biked (I really don't know what that comfy bike machine is called) a full 30 minutes/4 miles. WOOOOO.

I'm finally starting to feel cute in some of my clothing because a bump is almost there. Sometimes it just looks like chub (i.e. when I went to the gym) but I'm really trying to not be afraid to show it off, no matter how little it is.

Plus, I'm told by a few of my numerous phone apps that I'm supposed to be able to start feeling him (assuming still that it's a him) within the next few weeks. And I won't panic if I don't. Probably.

Just as a personal update, Sean and I took my sister to a rad Twin Forks/ Jukebox the Ghost concert this weekend. Here's a song (You can skip the first minute intro if you want. I won't be offended.):

We had to leave when Jukebox played, though because it was a little to base-y and McNugget didn't completely love it and it weirdly made me out of breath.

Speaking of McNugget, he's at least 4x the size of one. About apple- or orange-sized. Eek!

Tonight, Sean and I are going to see one of our favorite comediannes, Tig Notaro, and I'm SO EXCITED. One thing about me is that I love comedy. If I could stand up long enough to do stand up (and be funny enough to talk for an hour or more without boring people), I totally would.

Also, only 72 days till The Bees' Opening day! It might sound like I'm trying to count down to events other than my baby's birth, which I kind of am because I think if I do, the due date will come more quickly, if that makes any sense.

-Miss Ellen

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Bump #1

It's not quite a bump, but there's definitely a belly going on! Hooray!
Only 180 something more days til we meet our little friend!

Monday, January 12, 2015

It's a... REAL BABY!

Our second doctors appointment went so excellently today! Guys. It's starting to look like a real human baby. AAAHHHHHH. Here are some pictures as evidence:

Look! It has a head and a body and arms and legs and hands! So cute! 
Now to invade it's privacy.... You have been warned.

This is a between the legs shot. It definitely looks particularly boy but we're not allowed to put our money on anything yet. 

AHHHH. I can't even tell you how excited I am. Here's a bit of truth:
When I was very little, I would imagine myself to be pregnant by stuffing multiple teddy bears and dolls up my shirt. NOW I DON'T HAVE TO PRETEND. IT'S REAL!

Maybe I should quit with the caps... It's just very exciting. I'm so excited to be a mom.
Also, there may or may not be a tiny baby bump forming and I'm having to wear baggier shirts and such. It's great and you're great. 

Miss Ellen and Nugget.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Thoughts on the First Trimester

I'm only about 3 days away from my second trimester. HALLELUJAH. The first trimester was certainly not a breeze, but I feel like it could have been much worse. I had the usual morning sickness and exhaustion as well as most of the other strange things that happen during this whole deal, but I only felt really bad for a couple weeks and even then I still had energy to go out sometimes and get dressed every day. And it was also really nice that those 2 weeks I had off of work because of Christmas.

Morning Sickness
To say my morning sickness was horrible would be an overstatement. Only about 30 to 40% of the days involved actual vomit, although most all of them included nausea. Considering, though, that a lot of my life (i.e. pms, periods, random weekdays, etc) involved nausea without having a baby in me it wasn't as bad as I was originally imagining. Also with my mom having a history of being violently ill a large portion of being pregnant with me and my sister, I'd say I've been blessed. Either that, or it's a boy and the old wives tale saying they don't make you as sick is really true.

The exhaustion was rough though. Living in the basement is a pain during that time because if I want something to eat that involved anything besides a small cart, mini fridge, and microwave, I had to hike up 13 steps and take a breather. Nearly every morning during my 2 week holiday break from work, I had to take a rest and sit down while still showering. Looking back, I should've just taken baths but our tub is really shallow and I don't think the drain plugs all the way.

Moodiness was minor. Maybe a few times I had a really hard time but I've always been pretty even-keel and skillful at keeping my emotions in check. Even watching a particularly touching episode of Parenthood last night with my mom I kept it together and didn't weep profusely at the thought of Sean having a heart attack or having an emotionally charged baby shower in a hospital cafeteria. Cry count so far this pregnancy: 2. I'm great.

Plus, I really shouldn't have too much to complain about anyway because Sean really is the best husband in the entire world. I honestly don't think I would've been able to handle any of this if he wasn't as incredible as he is. He'd probably just say he was doing his job, which he probably was but i digress. Sean is great, I'm great. We can totally handle this.

Miss Ellen

Thursday, January 1, 2015

A Story and New Year Update

So back in possibly 1999, my family was, let's say, living on a meager budget. We lived at my Grandma's house and, at this point in the story, Christmas was fast approaching. My dad had a job at Albertson's, a local grocery store, and he was going to school at the time while my mom stayed home with me and Abby.

Like I said, we were low on a Christmas budget and I honestly don't remember what I asked for that year, but on Christmas morning Abby and I woke up to one of the best, most memorable Christmas gifts ever.

Under the tree that was neatly placed in our corner window next to Grandma's rocking chair were 2 cases of cans. Each had a bow (probably) and a name tag on them, one for Abby and one for myself. We both ran over and, since I'm remembering (possibly incorrectly) that they weren't wrapped, stared at our treats. Abby had her very own case of Apple Juice cans and I had a case of Tomato Juice.

I know what you might be thinking:
"Gross. Aren't you just supposed to use tomato juice for Bloody Marys? And weren't you only like 6?" 
Yes, I was like 6, but I have always been mature for my age and my juice preference was tomato.

It was the best. I remember every time I opened a new can, I savored every bit, which is hard to do considering tomato juice likes to stick to the side of its container. My tongue would occasionally get temporarily stuck in the can. But it was all the best.

I know Christmas is over and whatever, but I thought somebody might like that story. I remembered it the other day when I was drinking some tomato juice as a grown, pregnant, married person. My preferences have generally remained the same, aside from the fact that I'm less inclined to ever want to listen to country music or pretend to be interested in pokemon.



See how happy we are about it?

It's so weird to think about. But so thrilling at the same time! Only like 6 months to go!
I don't want to say that I'm wishing time would go faster because I'm excited to be a mom, but at the same time, I'M TERRIBLY EXCITED TO BE A MOM. And for Sean to be a dad.

We were at a restaurant today and there was a baby at a table behind me and apparently it wouldn't stop staring at Sean. Adorable. He's gonna be the best dad.

I'm also excited for the part, where instead of just feeling like a chub, I actually have a bump that I get to dress up. I won't say that I've already started shopping for maternity wear, but I totally have. So what. Then when the day comes that I all of a sudden have a tummy, I'll be prepared. It's the perfect plan.

Here's one more super fun story to wrap this post up and then you can all be on your merry way in the new year. Beware: If you're easily queasy, don't read.
Once upon this morning, Sean made delicious buttermilk pancakes. I was feeling completely fine, ate half of my pancake and half my glass of milk and all of a sudden had to sprint to the bathroom to throw it all up. I cleaned myself up and went back to eat the rest of my pancake and milk.
The End.

Love, Miss Ellen