Monday, April 13, 2015

26 Week Update

Hi, All! I figured it's about time that I post another bump pic and update you on the state of things.

First off....

Isn't it cute?! (#bathroommirrorpic) This, by the way, is Sean's shirt because I accidentally packed too many of mine. Milo is kicking all over the place and rolling around and it's super weird to watch. Luckilly, though, I'm still feeling really well. Second trimester: Great. Seeing as it will end a week from tomorrow, I'll just say that I'm all for being pregnant. I feel great, I have a reasonable amount of energy, and I only get compliments every day for being so cute (thank you, thank you).

Other things I'm lucky for pertaining to the 2nd trimester:

  • Sean (just always no matter what even though this list is intended for other things. You get it.)
  • No insane or midnight cravings. I did want Root Beer for a while, but nothing major.
  • Regular sense of smell. 
  • Still looking my normal size from the back.
  • No swelling (yet. Don't worry, I knocked on wood.)
  • No uncontrollable mood swings (again, yet.)
  • Only having to buy a few new maternity clothing items.
  • Such awesome friends that surprise me with nice gifts.
  • A healthy boy who, I'm sure, will be the life of the party soon.

As for the third trimester... I'm super nervous but excited. Bring it on. I'm sure it will be full of fun and awkward things, but I'll be living in my new house by myself (when Sean's at work), so it'll be great.

Speaking of being in our own house, we sign papers this week and move in for real this weekend!! And by move in, it will be other people moving my things and I'll be supervising. (Hooray Supervising!) We've been packing up stuff and every time, no matter what, I forget how much stuff we have. SO MUCH STUFF. And we've already purged a lot. Hmm. It'll be fine.

As for now, I'm going to go put my feet up, eat some string cheese or something, and think about some things I should probably be doing but will later.

Miss Ellen