Monday, May 29, 2017

Friday, May 19, 2017

May Update

This last month has definitely been better than the one before, so far. We're almost halfway to baby #2 (we find out the gender next week!) and Sean is almost fully recovered, besides some weakness (likely from not doing much lifting the last 2 months) and goes to work full time again. Milo is learning so incredibly much! Here are some things he's been up to:
  • He can count to 11 without help.
  • He knows the names of several dinosaurs (triceratops, t-rex, dinonychus, allosaurus, raptor, brachiosaurus, to name a few).
  • He loves reading longer picture books.
  • He's learned to stack things (blocks, animal toys, side-table objects).
  • He's obsessed with the swings every time we go to the park. 
  • He's good at helping clean up.
  • He sings Wheels on the Bus like a champ. 
  • His favorite movies are Yellow Submarine, Kung Fu Panda, and A Goofy Movie.
  • He's excited to sleep in a tent on the father/son campout coming up!
  • He loves getting dirty.
  • He'll tell you his favorite food is Hot Dogs, although I'm not sure how true that really is...
  • He's great at playing on his own while I'm doing chores (or resting on the couch, let's be honest.)
  • He's getting excited to be a big brother! 
Other than that, things have been relatively quiet around here. We went on another quick road trip to Wyoming a few weekends ago and it went well! We went to our nephew Sirius' 1st birthday, Milo did super well in the car, and Sean's parents also were able to come for a day or so too! It's always nice to get away for a bit and see family. We're going on a trip this summer to MN for another family reunion, so it was nice to have this bit of practice in.

We're also trying to liquidate our teeshirt business. Our domain contract is up in September and, seeing as we'll have our hands full with another little one and still working to pay off Sean's surgery, we're going to give it up for a bit and then hopefully pick it back up in the future. All shirts are $12, free shipping, on our website We'd really appreciate it if you helped us out! 

Anyway, I'm pretty sure that's it for us right now. Hopefully our next post will be a fun gender reveal! Yay!

Love, Miss Ellen