Friday, August 4, 2017

Lots of Docs and our Road Trip

So Sean and I have never been to a dentist since we've been married. I know, I know. BUT, this week we each have appointments and Milo has one as well and I have a separate appointment for my permanent retainer that's been bothering me the past couple days. Yay, adulthood!

Milo had his 2 year checkup recently and all is well with him. Our new doctor here seemed really impressed with his ability to communicate and his energy level (high, obviously). Milo is now 2 feet 10 inches tall, weighing 27 pounds 9 ounces. His head is in the 70th percentile. Everything is looking good with him and he was so excited to tell the doctor about anything that came to his mind.

Yesterday was my 28 week appointment with Augie. I took the glucose test (which wasn't nearly as bad as last time because I came prepared with a good book and full phone battery) and haven't heard anything back about it, so I probably passed(?). I also got a Tdap shot and am measuring normal.

Sean hasn't had any issues with his head lately besides the numb spot feeling weird (possibly regaining feeling?).

We started potty training this weekend and... it's going about as well as it could. He had 2 big pees in the potty, a few small accidents, one big accident, missed his nap (which, subsequently spiraled into him needing a timeout for smacking my face), and it's going fine. We're doing the "trained in a weekend" method and it's going fine. Sean and I are both tired already, but if it works and we don't have to buy 2 sizes of diapers, then it's worth it. If you have any tips or tricks that might help us in this method, please share! I'm sure naps help.. but that's not always something I can control.

Anyway, other than all that, there's not much going on until Augie shows up!


We also just got back from Milo's first big road trip to MN. We were in the car for 2 straight days there and 2 straight days back (with a break for sleep in Gillette in the middle). We stayed with Sean's parents with his youngest brother and his family, went camping in St. Croix for a family reunion, visited Sean's oldest brother and his family for a while, went to the Mall of America's aquarium, and had a little party for Milo on his birthday!

It was a lot of fun! Exhausting, as I bet you can imagine, but it's always nice to visit with family and see some sights. Milo did really well in the car the whole time and slept really well no matter where we were (he only missed one nap on the very first day of driving). He also loved playing with his friends and cousins there and running around in the great outdoors, not something he gets to do a lot here.