Sunday, March 13, 2016

Homemade Eczema Cream

Milo has really sensitive skin. He's struggled with dry skin and eczema for a long time plus he's sensitive to certain soaps and creams, so it's definitely been a challenge to keep his skin soft and not rashy. And on top of that, he's a squirmy boy so it's hard to really put a thick cream or emolient on well. 

So recently, I came up with a concoction that has worked wonders and is the perfect consistency and I thought I would share it! 

 Equal parts Aquaphor (or vaseline), Eucerin cream (or other thick, medicated cream), and coconut oil.

Start out with a big gob of Aquaphor (or vaseline) in a tub, then add eucerin, and coconut oil (melted). Mix to your desired consistency.

We only apply it at night after his bath, but I'm sure you could use it more often. It has seriously made a huge difference for Milo.

I hope this helps!
Miss Ellen

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Tale of Wail

Listen up all ye noobs
or moms still yet to be,
for I have a tale that is told so oft
by so many moms like me.

Once upon a year ago
or maybe 2 or 3
I said "My child will not scream"
Well, I just had to wait and see.

Months went by after Milo's birth
where he'd only moan or cry,
then eventually he learned a trait
that brought tears to my own eyes.

It wasn't the cooing or giggles so cute
that made this mommy weep,
but the bloodcurdling screams every day and/or night
when he shouldn't have made a peep.

And he didn't just scream during times he was mad
or hurt or hungry or tired,
but even the times when he was just playing around
that seemed to set off screams of fire.

Oh, how I wish I could retract that statement
I'd made so many moons ago.
I bet it's karma, or some kind of voodoo
that makes me write of this woe.

A word of warning to all of you
still holding to some sort of plan:
Babies don't follow the orders you give.
They don't even understand.

The best advice I can give you now
is only to go with the flow,
because I don't want you to regret what you'd said
however many moons ago.

Love, Miss Ellen

P.S. I still love him even though he screams. Even ask him. See? Still all toothy smiles. 

Friday, March 4, 2016

Stick a Fork In Me - I'm Well Overdone.

Is there a word that means more than exhausted? If so, we may be the definition of that word. It's 6:42 am and Sean is already off to court after a brief visit home last night to watch some tv, bathe Milo, walk the dog, and sleep. That's how it's been every night for the past 4 weeks besides that most nights he's not home early enough to help put Milo down. And how it's going to be for 4 more weeks, possibly.

And, on top of this, I'm still sleep-training Milo and for some reason it only worked one fluke night again. I've been up since 6 and then before that from about 2:40 until 4. And it feels like all I ever hear anymore are tired whine-cries. Every time I think there's progress, I get booted right back to square one.

What was I thinking doing so many chores yesterday? It's not like they're getting noticed. There's already garbage everywhere, dishes in the sink, and another load of laundry to go in before I've even folded the last one and it just makes me tired to think about it.

I do try to get out. We have some playdates scheduled and I go shopping fairly regularly, but at this point it's just more draining sometimes. That doesn't mean I don't still enjoy it or that the people I see are tiring, it's just like when you take too much of one medication and it stops doing its job.

It really could be worse, but that doesn't mean it doesn't suck hardcore right now. Our bodies hurt, we're all so tired, and the light at the end of the tunnel is still so dim. We're hoping to go on a little getaway when he's done, so at least there's a little something to look forward to in probably April.

Someone save us.
Miss Ellen

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Hump Day

I am for real praying that this is the hump days of hump days because it might be the dead middle of this trial (meaning, of course, the judicial trial Sean is a part of, not a trial of life. Although you could probably call it that.) and it can all be downhill from here. But that's of course entirely possibly going to change. Unfortunately. As far as I know about this, it will likely go another week.

And so, I'm missing Sean a lot. And so is Milo. We're all more than ready for this to be over. Last weekend was a rough one because it wasn't exactly relaxing because Sean was still gone all of Sunday and was in the garage working on the car a lot on Saturday. And we're - hopefully - at the end of a long sleep-training period. He slept through the night on Monday night and then only woke up once for 22 minutes last night, which is a huge improvement.

Anyway, needless to say, there have been plenty of tears shed. Largely by Milo (seeing as he's a baby. (What a baby!)) but still. It's rough. Tonight he is projected to get home "before 9". L

However! Milo is a rocking crawler. He's now capable of exiting rooms on his own - hello baby gates. He also just loves waving his arms all over, so watch your faces because he definitely might punch them inadvertently.

Other than that, we're just pulling through.

OH. And I started a twitter account. Mostly it's just condensed mom-rants, but you're welcome to follow! @donnermom

Miss Ellen