Thursday, April 21, 2016

9 Month Check-up!

We went to Milo's 9 month well-check yesterday and he checks out!
Head Circumference: 18.1 inches (68 percentile)
Height: 29 inches (71 percentile)
Weight: 19.45 pounds (29 percentile)

The doctor was super impressed that he can crawl really well, pull himself up on things, and take steps along things.  She's sure he's going to be walking soon.
My feelings: YAY and Oh, no. (50/50 percentile)

He's also eating a lot more real food and less formula, which is nice. He's using a sippy cup (after trying 4 other brands, this one is his favorite) exclusively, is working on his top two teeth, taking two 1.5 hour naps every day, and making word noises. In other words, he's been fighting a nap for the past half hour. HAH. No one is perfect. (But seriously, kid, go to sleep.)

Plans for the BIG trip this summer are coming along swimmingly! We went on a test drive (2 hrs, round trip) with the baby and the dog to see some logistics of it and everything should go well. We even had a taste of what carsickness was like (Milo was still getting over a stomach bug) and it was handled with relative ease.

We've decided that Strider will come with us because it's SO much cheaper and he's going to love being able to run around Sean's parents' yard with their dog Katie. We've got the hitch in place, the luggage rack purchased, the trailer booked, the campsites booked, and I only have like 10 lists that I'm working on. It's getting more exciting the closer it gets and less terrifying. So yay!


Congrats to Kayla and Jeremiah on their new little boy!
Welcome to the world, Sirius Severus Donner! We're so excited to meet you in a few months!
Love, Miss Ellen

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Spirit + Sleep Deprivation = Me Crying at 2 am

Disclaimer: If you don't want to hear (read) church-talk, you'd better stop reading here. Thanks for visiting anyway!

Moving on. I don't post a lot of church things on here (I have my reasons), but last night I had a somewhat profound experience that really boosted my testimony a few notches that I thought I might share (plus it's good to have these things written down for the future).

It was 1:30 in the morning and a teething Milo had fallen asleep on my chest again after a dose of pain-killer/fever-reducer, a small bottle, some singing, a change of jammies, and a whole lot of wailing (all this started as soon as Sean fell asleep about 3 hours earlier, after having assisted me with the meds). I was almost certain I could lay him down without too much fuss and go back to my own bed, so I went for it. He started squirming as soon as I stood up and only relaxed slightly after I'd put him down. I started to sneak for the door when he started up fussing again. I stood over his crib, patted his back and just started crying.

I was so tired. He was so tired. I had no other ideas of what to do, so I crumbled. I collapsed with my head in my hands on the rocker and just started pleading with God to help put Milo back to sleep and let him not be so in pain. After a couple minutes of that, Milo had fallen asleep in his crib on his own (thank goodness we'd already sleep-trained him a few weeks ago) and I could finally go back to bed.

As I crawled under the covers for the 4th time that night (long story), I had a vision of Heavenly Father sitting in my rocker holding Milo like I was just holding him and Milo was perfectly content and asleep, no aching whatsoever. Of course I broke into tears again, thanking Him for helping take care of Milo.

I realized that He has the same love for us as we do for our children, the difference is that he can feel that for every single person ever in the history or future of the world. That's beyond my imagination. I don't even know anyone, aside from truly loving everyone. Plus he has the omnipotence to truly know exactly what everyone is doing always and somehow has the time to come and embrace my little boy in a time of need. It's unfathomably incredible. I am so lucky.

Having watched General Conference this past weekend, I had been spoon-fed exactly what I needed but couldn't quite swallow it until last night. When we both woke up (thankfully, 8 hours later), I put on one of the talks I'd missed from the women's session that I didn't attend because I didn't know about it, and it just reaffirmed exactly what I needed to hear.

It was Cheryl A. Esplin's talk on service this morning that brought me to tears (again, I know).
"One woman who took care of her invalid husband explained, 'Don't think of your task as a burden; think of it as an opportunity to learn what love really is.'" Even when I was overwhelmed last night, He had the patience with me to show me what true love really is.

I know that my Heavenly Father is watching over me always and is constantly aware of my struggles and my triumphs. I know that as soon as I come unto him, He will help me and show me what I need to know. I have a powerful testimony of prayer. Sean and I struggled for 11 months to have a baby and as soon as we started praying together every night, we were blessed with Milo. I know that he puts obstacles in our paths to grow together and learn, so that we're always progressing and not just sitting stagnant. I know that whatever He has told our prophet is true and even if it is difficult to understand right now, we can take comfort in knowing that he knows exactly what he's doing and we don't have to.

Milo is crying again and it might be time for some more medicine.
Love, Miss Ellen.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Back To Normal(ish)

Sean's trial finally ended last Friday. It took 8 weeks total and we are all more than glad that it's over. Now we're trying to get back into the swing of things, but it's not super easy. We had to re-stock our kitchen because we stopped having dinners here and Milo's internal clock is still slightly off because his bedtime is back to 7:30 (where it was pushed back to about 8 every night so we could get in a quick visit with Dad for dinner). Plus now he's climbing on everything and I'm running around trying to keep things out of his mouth and not letting him fall on hard surfaces.

I'm getting the feeling he's just not super interested in our living room any more, which is something I totally understand. I'm pretty much over doing the same things every day, but I'm having a hard time thinking of appropriate things for him to do. Here is a small list of ideas that pinterest has helped me with, plus some things that I thought up by myself:

  • Spaghetti Adventures
  • Colored baths
  • Sensory Bags
  • Discovery Baskets
  • Playing outside

Most of these things will probably work and might be interesting to him, but it's still a pretty small list. Here are the other problems:
  1. He will put anything and everything in his mouth.
  2. He's starting to get super possessive of things (namely anything I don't want him to have) and will cry if I take it away. 
  3. He gets bored and distracted really easily (for example: I made him a quick sensory bag this morning with edible paints we made him for easter and he only cared about it for approx. 30 seconds and then just went back to climbing up on the ottoman). 
  4. He only wants to pull toys out of the drawer, never play with them. So there's just a pile of toys around the drawer and he's off banging on the table he's pulled himself up on. 
  5. I don't want to spend a ton of money on stuff he's likely not going to care about being engaged in for less than 2 minutes, which is all of his current toys. 
He loves eating and feeding himself, so all I have to do is throw some stuff on his tray and we're good for the next half hour. But after that when it's actual play-time, I'm at a loss and we just end up doing the same things. 

So what I'm saying is... Help? Does anyone have any ideas? Should I really get like a jungle gym for him? I have no idea. 

Besides all that, we're doing great. Milo sleeps through the night nearly every night so now I can wake up and get the day started at relatively the same time every day! And maybe you'd like to see a bunch of pictures of Milo. That's what you came here for anyway, right? I thought so.

 His hair is getting so long!

He's been sleeping with his butt up a lot lately. 

 Yay! Happy Easter!

 Family Easter Picture (yes, he was crying. He'd just woken up... haha)
 Grocery shopping with mom!

He crawled his pants off. Literally. 

We got a new island for our kitchen! It's so nice! 

Milo loved "dying eggs" (with the edible paint I was talking about earlier) and his basket.

He's a keeper.

Love, Miss Ellen