Tuesday, September 13, 2016

We've Got a Toddler On Our Hands

Milo is seriously toddling. Fast and furious. He's hilarious and I'm really loving this stage he's in, even though it means a lot more energy from me.

Currently, his most favorite song is this:

He'll stand there and stare at the screen and sometimes dance whenever this song comes on. It's hilarious and adorable. He loves bopping around to the beat of whatever song is on, but when it's this one, he will stop whatever he's doing and pay full attention. I can even trim his finger and toenails, and change his diaper without fuss all while he watches this music video on my phone. Silly kid.

He's started bringing me his books to read to him and, honestly, I'm loving it so much. Even when I know the book isn't going to interest him just yet, I love that he takes the effort. He says a few words, too! He knows what a duck, a car, and a ball all are (of course, he's a Donner boy after all). Today he got out his wipes and said "butt" and then the all-too-familiar poop-stench hit and I knew exactly what he was talking about.

He's getting better at attempting to use the utensils with his meals, but he still prefers to use his fists. He doesn't really hate any foods, which is really nice, but he can't have cheese or bananas because his constipation will come back. He also has started wanting to watch when I cook, but that's not always easy because he's so heavy. He says "hot" when he sees the stove or pots, which will hopefully help him learn quicker that he wants to stay away.

He's loves walking but usually doesn't mind being carried still. He can climb up and down stairs, on and off the couch, and all over the pillows I put in the middle of the room to keep him occupied and getting some energy out on particularly difficult days. He'll get his toys out and spread them all over the room, but still be more interested in my wallet or the dog food. *eye roll*

These last few weeks, we've done so many things as the final days of summer are upon us. Sean and I went to the last Bee's game of the season, we got free suite tickets from his work to go to a Real game (soccer), we went to the state fair, visited the LDS Church History Museum, and have been on several family walks and park-visits. While I can say it has been exhausting, it has also been entirely worth it to suck the last few drops of summer out while we still can, because I can only imagine the upcoming cold to be dreary and miserable with a new walker and snow everywhere.

Anyway, life has been hectic and fun, but it's not always easy to post on this blog! Plus, we have some really exciting things happening soon! No baby on the way, I'll tell you that much. But it does have to do with a sister! A sister-site to this blog! No more or I'll give away the surprise!

Love, Miss Ellen